Why Defence Is at Risk in The Exit Talks – Our Latest Leaflet

Our latest leaflet below explains the risk to the UK from the under-reported defence problem in the EU exit talks. The second page of the PDF explains the problem in 10 points.

Cabinet Office officials are lining up a military treaty which would see a continuing and growing EU policy influence over the UK and continued UK involvement in EU military arrangements agreed by ministers in 2017 on the excuse that we’re leaving them in 2019.

We know this because Cabinet Office officials were recorded saying so in tapes revealed by The Sun in March. This level of policy commitment is also an inevitable consequence of UK participation in the EU’s military industrial programmes, as Veterans for Britain has been warning since early 2017. UK participation in EU military industrial programmes is outlined in the Government’s future partnership papers.

The proposed Cabinet Office ‘giveaway’ (our word) would be enshrined in a treaty after Brexit Day (29 March 2019) therefore it can be done as an international treaty via prerogative powers – outside of Parliamentary scrutiny. Yet it has been cooked up while we’re still in the EU and outside the purview of MPs. The EU Commission has encouraged and arguably led this process and already said it is willing to replace the defence part of the EU acquis during the implementation period, the only part it is willing to change.

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