Veterans’ Prosecutions

Veterans for Britain is committed to helping Veterans and serving members of the armed forces who are faced with the repeated investigation and prosecution for events that took place in a theatre of war and on security operations in the UK. Whilst we acknowledge that those who have done wrong should be held accountable, we also believe strongly that they should be represented on a level playing field, and not one that has alleged terrorists having immunity gained through ‘Comfort Letters’.

Veterans for Britain has appointed Hilary Meredith to its Board.

Hilary, founder and Chair of Hilary Meredith Solicitors and Visiting Professor of Law and Veterans’ Affairs at the University of Chester, is a solicitor, lobbyist and campaigner with decades of experience representing UK service personnel, their families and military veterans.

Hilary’s career in protecting the welfare of our armed forces spans cases from Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Gulf War 1, Afghanistan and Iraq including incidents on manoeuvres and in training in countries from Belize to Hong Kong and Canada. She has acted in a range of precedent setting cases, worked closely with Parliamentary Inquiries and Government Ministers and successfully campaigned for changes in the law.

In recent times, Hilary has been instrumental in lobbying the Government on behalf of the armed forces. She provided evidence to the Select Defence Committee on the Iraq historic abuse cases, which ultimately contributed to the closure of the Iraq Historic Allegations Team and is currently preparing a landmark legal action on behalf of veterans falsely accessed of brutality and abuses against Iraqi civilians between 2003 and 2009.

Hilary providing evidence to the Drawing a Line: Protecting Veterans by a Statute of Limitations Inquiry as well as the Beyond Endurance Brecon Beacons Inquiry where she recommended that the MoD should be subject to the Corporate Manslaughter Act where there has been a reckless disregard for life – a recommendation the Inquiry upheld.

Hilary Meredith

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