Maritime Surveillance Project (MARSUR)

Maritime Surveillance Project

Summary: A longstanding project initially set up to improve connectivity over maritime surveillance.

At stake: Ongoing development is taking this in the direction of a common IT system, staffing and training. It is moving away from NATO constructs, even those covering European waters, and increasingly encompasses non-CSDP EU policy areas.

EU LogoWhat they say: “MARSUR is intended to serve as a military layer of the EU Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE)” – EDA

Exposure: UK engagement is unclear – it is both listed and not listed as a participating state. There are two levels of engagement; Basic and Advanced (manual and automated). Separate affiliation with the European Maritime Safety Agency may also bring cross-over effect.

Copyright Action: Ensure that UK IT is compatible with its counterparts, without becoming part of a joint management system at EU level for UK waters.

Deep dive:

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