British Academic Exposes Risk to UK and Us Interests from Defence Parts of May’s Exit Deal

Professor Gwythian Prins, a British academic, has revealed in detail the defence dangers of Theresa May’s exit deal, describing them as a threat to US interests too.

In a speech to defence and diplomatic experts in Washington DC, he described the ‘systematic compromising of UK defence and security hidden within the exit arrangements…’ adding that it is a ‘real and present threat to US national security also’.

Prof Prins describes the individuals involved at the top of the UK Government and the agreements they entered which place the UK into multiple strands of the EU defence architecture, including the EU military HQ, budget coordination schemes, new defence budgets and the EU’s strategic control via EU defence policy.

He also revealed how Cabinet Office officials presenting to EU diplomats in 2018 described a direct intention to stay under EU authority in defence, via the Common Security and Defence Policy. Prins, speaking at the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, described the European Defence Fund which has built-in protectionist measures stopping companies from NATO allies the US and Canada from taking part in its joint equipment programmes.

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