The European Union Military Committee (EUMC)

The European Union Military Committee (EUMC)

Summary: A committee of the Chiefs of Defence (CHODS) of member states, usually via permanent representatives (MilReps). It is chaired by a former CHOD. It directs missions and advises the PSC. It has a support staff, supporting in particular a working group (EUMCWG) chaired by a one star.

At stake: While intergovernmental and at arm’s length from the EU, the format alone decouples from the NATO context. The EU’s two-speed approach to integration will increasingly reduce the current need for consensus. Dependency on EUMC inputs will likely be proportionate to its growing staffing.European Union Committee

What they say: “It is the forum for military consultation and cooperation between the EU Member States in the field of conflict prevention and crisis management” – Council Decision 2001/79/CFSP

Exposure: UK participation lapses with Brexit. What follows remains unclear.

Action needed: MPs to discourage standing participation in this format, and prefer NATO, bilaterals, and normal defence diplomacy.

Deep dive:

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