EU Military Staff Intelligence Directorate (EUMS INT)

EU Military Staff Intelligence Directorate (EUMS INT)

Summary: EUMS INT provides the EU with its military intelligence staff at strategic level. It works with its civilian counterparts in the Intelligence Analysis Centre (INTCEN) to provide EU intelligence products through Single Intelligence Analysis Capacity (SIAC). It is institutionally broken down into Policy, Support, and Production.

At stake: As these are institutionally EU personnel, excessive UK affiliation risks compromising the UK’s Five Eyes relationship.

What they say: “”To provide intelligence input to early warning and situation assessment. To contribute to the EUMS planning through the provision of intelligence and intelligence planning expertise. To provide the intelligence input to crisis response planning and assessment for operations and exercises” – Mission statement.

Exposure: Uncertainty over attachments and future liaison at senior level.

Action: HMG should avoid. Other formats exist to share relevant information, and in a more secure environment.

Deep dive:

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