EU Intelligence Analysis Centre (INTCEN) and Single Intelligence Analysis Capacity (SIAC)


Summary: The EU INTCEN is the EU’s civilian intelligence capability and is home to the EU Hybrid Fusion Cell which focuses in particular on disinformation and fake news. It works with military personnel from the EU Military Staff Intelligence Directorate (EUMS INT) and the Situation Room (SitRoom) to form SIAC to provide analytical outputs. It does not have any collection capability and correspondingly cannot fill information gaps.EUINTCEN

At stake: Output is likely to be of inferior quality than is available from other sources to the UK, with particular reliance on Open Source material. It duplicates NATO intelligence sharing structures without adding obvious value.

What they say: “the arrival of a team of national experts seconded from Member States’ Security Services […] enables the Centre to provide its customers with strategic terrorism threat assessments based on intelligence from national services” – EU INTCEN Fact Sheet (via FoI).

Exposure: Unknown. Action: HMG should avoid.

Deep dive:

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