EU Battlegroups

EU Battlegroups

Summary: EU Battlegroups are multinational units of around 1,500 personnel and are the EU’s rapid reaction capacity. Deployment presently remains subject to national veto.

At stake: Participation risks committing UK forces without guaranteed NATO or other meaningful military support and back up.EUBG

What they say: “There is a genuine European way to resolving external conflicts and crises” – EEAS introduction to BGs.

Exposure: The UK has contributed to these standby elements and, controversially on one occasion, involving a double hatted NATO commitment. It was due to contribute in 2019 but withdrew. It is unlikely to do so in the near future.

Action: MPs should ensure UK participation has definitely ceased. This does not preclude bilateral cooperation with counterparts on exercises, including with the Irish Army (who were in the same BG in 2016). HMG should also ensure that the decision cycle for UK intervention deployments is not dependent on the slower European Council decision cycle or OODA Loop.

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