European Defence Research Programme (EDRP)

European Defence Research Programme (EDRP)
Summary: The EDRP is what the Preparatory Action (PA) of the EDF expands into as of 2021. The proposal is that it has a budget of €500m covering research funding, while EDIDP2 covering development has €1 billion.

At stake: After 2021, the scale of EU’s R&T programme increases hugely. Brussels ambitions will adjust accordingly.

What they say: “Using EDRP to finance defence industry, would be like using a screwdriver to paint a room” – EP Policy Document (2016)

Exposure: The UK appears to be setting up its own arrangements, though this is yet to be confirmed and there is a risk at point of launch of inadvertently allowing continued ‘civil service lock’.

Action: Encourage the UK to operate its own separate systems – checks may usefully be made in tandem with how academic bilateralism and funding for civil research cooperation is being set up (ie without pooled funding and joint boarding).

Deep dive:

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