Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) cooperation, eg Europol

Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) cooperation

Summary: The JHA entities include work done on Counter Terrorism. The most notable institutionally is Europol, whose remit has expanded rapidly. Denmark held a referendum in 2015 and despite being an EU member has stepped back from the JHA on sovereignty and accountability grounds.

At stake: JHA areas are politically integrating very quickly. Association here risks bringing back door security integration for the UK.

What they say: “The program states that Europol, the Netherlands-based EU law enforcement agency, should become ‘a European FBI,’ though it also says that EU member countries should retain control of ‘operational police powers’ – AP reporting on the CDU/CSU 2019 EP manifesto.Europol

Exposure: The future form of UK association is uncertain.

Action: The UK must leave Europol and seek the same cooperative, but arm’s length liaison status that Canada, Australia, and no fewer than 11 US federal law enforcement agencies currently enjoy.

Deep dive: [Link to Richard Walton’s paper as it sits in the new VfB website]

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