PM’s Munich speech – Comment from Veterans for Britain board members

Major-General Julian Thompson, Rear-Admiral Roger Lane-Nott, Lt-General Jonathon Riley, Colonel Richard Kemp and other board members of Veterans for Britain made the following comment on the Prime Minister’s speech on defence and security in Munich this morning, 17 Feb 2018:
The PM lamented the EU’s obsession with onerous defence “mechanisms“ as a condition to joint capability development.
This proves that the UK should never have agreed and joined these mechanisms in 2017.
The EU won’t change and staying in them effectively means a transfer of key defence powers to the EU.
At present, the ‘Deep and Special Partnership’ includes proposals to stay in the European Defence Fund and European Defence Industrial Development Programme — as the diagram attached shows, these are attached to significant other policy commitments. Stay in them and we effectively would not have left the EU.
The UK has more than one third of the EU’s military power and 40% of its defence research capability.
We don’t need to be bullied into doing things on the EU’s terms.
German officials are calling UK involvement in these mechanisms the Framework Participation Agreement (FPA).
There is a risk of the FPA going the same way as the Treasury’s attempt on the Customs Union.
Diagram of the Deep and Special Partnership as it is currently proposed: