Pro-EU figures exposed over Putin offshore scheme

US Congress votes for sanctions against EU interests involved


Senior pro-EU politicians are implicated in a plan to let Putin’s Russia grab billions in revenue from Europe’s energy market.
Dozens of French and German business leaders are also involved in the plan, which would see Russia claiming nearly half of the EU’s gas market, stamping its authority over EU energy supplies.

The scheme, known as as Nord Stream 2, will allow Russia to pump more than 200 billion cubic metres of gas into the EU each year. It has been agreed speedily at a ministerial level and is now thought to be impossible to stop. High level EU politicians including Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron were opening the door to Russia even while agreeing to condemn Russian collusion in public.

US action

The deal has caused outrage in the US and senior figures in NATO are urgently warning about the scheme.
US Vice President Mike Pence said that the EU-German escapades with Putin directly threaten Western unity.
He said: “We’ve stood against efforts, as well, to divide our alliance through political interference or the use of energy resources. And the United States commends all our European partners who’ve taken a strong stand against Nord Stream 2. And we commend others to do the same.”

Now the US Congress is taking action, approving sanctions against EU companies participating in the Russian plan.

EU bureaucrats were initially silent about Nord Stream 2, allowing Berlin to set the pace of developments. However, the EU later broke cover to thwart US opposition.
Throughout 2019, the EU’s office in Washington has been lobbying to stop the US taking legitimate trade measures against the Russian gas arrangements and the French and German entities which are involved.

Pro-EU hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the pro-EU mob is almost beyond belief. Pro-EU politicians spent years throwing allegations at the opponents for colluding with Putin when the reality was that they themselves were preparing to do exactly that. It has all the hallmarks of an elaborate cover story to disguise the sellout they were preparing.

Nord Stream 2 means a massive rise in the Russian gas volumes pumped into EU markets. It would overshadow the much smaller amount supplied via Nord Stream 1. That pipeline, which takes a similar route across the Baltic Sea began operating in 2013 after Merkel and other EU leaders spoke to the Kremlin, which also caused outrage in the UK, US and NATO.

Gas is the fastest-growing EU energy source and is expected to be the biggest energy source by 2025 and by then Russia will control more than half of the EU gas market. This all adds up to a huge amount of power and control over the EU and it sits in Kremlin hands.

The relentlessly pro-EU pandering UK Foreign Office has pulled its punches on this Russian collusion issue in spite of objections from pro-NATO politicians including Boris Johnson who personally voiced his concerns long before becoming Prime Minister.

MPs complained that the Foreign Office was ‘not keen to advertise its differences with Berlin in the middle of the Brexit negotiations’ according to UK newspapers. A poor excuse for inaction.
Faced with shocking Russia collusion by their pro-EU friends, Whitehall mandarins still didn’t want to harm their beloved EU project.

Further US concern

The US has separately expressed concern about EU states cosying up to Putin on military technology. Several EU states have entered into military and technical arrangements with Russia, including France, Greece, Slovakia and Bulgaria.
US Vice President Mike Pence said the US “will not stand idly by while NATO Allies purchase weapons from our adversaries”.
He added: “We cannot ensure the defence of the West if our allies grow dependent on the East.”