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16 May 17

VfB call for the Government to boost defence spending beyond 2% of GDP

Former commanders of British forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Falklands say Europe is endangered by EU leaders’ unwillingness to fully support NATO and...
1 Mar 17

Veterans for Britain highlights EU Defence Union plans and the risk for the UK

The following is the executive summary of the report written by Maj-Gen Julian Thompson and Dr Lee Rotherham and released on 2 March 2017. Please see the full...
19 Feb 17

Ex-counter terrorism chief: UK in stronger negotiation position if it withdraws from Europol

Richard Walton, the former head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command SO15, says the UK could leave formal membership of Europol with little or...
15 Feb 17

A Summary of EU Defence Integration Since June 2016

The UK Government has given way to a major power-grab by the EU in defence, despite the UK public’s instruction to leave. Proposals have been set out by the...
12 Oct 16

We answer pro-EU MPs’ ‘Brexit for Defence’ questions

Pro-EU Labour politicians have sent 170 ‘Brexit questions’ to the government ahead of an Opposition Day debate in Parliament. The questions, from shadow...
7 Oct 16

Veterans for Britain: UK must be vigilant over EU Border and Coast Guard Agency plans

The EU has launched its own Border and Coast Guard Agency, which sees ultimate control of Schengen-zone borders being centralised with EU authorities in...