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Veterans for Britain was formed in March 2016 in order to put forward the Defence and Security arguments for the UK to vote to leave the European Union in the 2016 Referendum, and to provide a voice for the UK’s military veterans and serving soldiers in the Leave campaign.

Following the Referendum, and the consequent accelerated ambitions of the EU in Defence and Security, there remains an important role for Veterans for Britain. The group will, through detailed research and advocacy, seek to:

  1. SUPPORT Her Majesty’s Government in the task of restoring full sovereign control to all aspects of the defence of the Realm in accordance with that mandate of the people
  2. ADVISE according to the professional experience of its members upon all matters pertaining to the best renovation of our national defence and security
  3. WARN when, in the professional judgment of its members, steps are proposed or taken which might harm that goal
  4. INFORM the General Public by all appropriate media channels of the Organisation’s views under the above three headings.